• Fables On The Mountain


Fables on The Mountain consists of a nursery and 2 large classrooms and outside is a massive 4 tiered outdoor playground.

The 2 classrooms cater for 0–3 yrs. and 3– 5yrs. however it is important to note that children don’t automatically move to the next room on their birthday. This will depend on the availability of placements in the new room for the days your child attends but also on the confidence, development and maturity of your child. Sometimes it is more beneficial to allow the child to remain in their current room for a period of time.

It is a well-known fact that children learn and develop better when they are in a comfortable and secure environment and where they have caring and loving relationships with the educators. When children develop trusting relationships with educators at an early age they feel more confident and are better able to explore and learn. As a consequence they learn through play to develop the skills and understanding required to interact positively with other children and gradually they learn to take responsibility. At Fables On The Mountain we have 2 classrooms:

Willie Wagtails (0-2yrs.) and Little Miners (2-3yrs.)

The first classroom is home to our 0 – 3yrs. age group where we provide a nurturing, warm and caring environment for our youngest Fables children. We endeavour to do our best to ensure that we cater to the various sleeping, eating, settling and behavioural routines and our wonderful team of educators are committed to making your child feel happy and relaxed. In the 2 – 3 age group we begin to develop self-help skills and independence while encouraging them to begin exploring the environment around us. Our Fables educators concentrate on their learning skills through play.

Fairy Wrens – (3-5yrs.)

Our second classroom is for the big kids (3-5yrs.) and future graduates of Fables On The Mountain and in this classroom our wonderful educators focus on building the children’s self-confidence and developmental learning through our School Readiness Programs. These programs provide your child with experiences that promote and nurture their physical health and wellbeing, emotional maturity, social competence as well as their communication skills and general knowledge. We also focus on developing independence, decision making, problem solving and social skills through play. Fables On The Mountain and our educators strive to deliver excellence in early learning to all of our children. By providing an environment where families, parents and educators work together we can assist each child to grow and develop to reach their full potential.

Learning through Play

Fables On The Mountain strives to provide a well-balanced, interesting, stimulating and educational program for your child. We value and encourage parents to be involved in our centre and our programs. Our dedicated educators continually strive to help the children in our care learn, grow and develop through play. At Fables On The Mountain your child will love exploring and playing in our fun indoor and outdoor environments. We have numerous play spaces for our children to enjoy – including home corners, book corners, cubby houses, forts, obstacle courses and our brand new sandpit and Softfall areas. We believe education starts with understanding a child’s interests. We with the help of our educators then simply explore these interests and add learning opportunities along the way. We begin to self-help skills and independence while exploring the world and environment around us. Fables On The Mountain are also investigating the introduction and utilisation of the latest interactive smartboard technology. This equipment is now used in most leading schools and it is a fantastic school readiness learning tool for children. When exposed to them they are able to learn and have fun with it thus enhancing their development.

Activity Program

The developmental areas covered in the Centre’s program are:

  • Cognitive
  • Creative and Sensory
  • Language
  • Physical (fine and gross motor skills)
  • Self Help
  • Social Emotional

The type and programming of activities is a vital part of providing the children at the centre a well-rounded and full day that utilises environment and Centre resources to enhance the children’s development. We encourage parents to be involved in the centre’s program and value any feedback or new ideas you would like to provide.

Our Centre

Growing with Discovery and Learning


Nurturing, warm and caring environment.


Developing self-help skills and independence.


Building self-confidence and developmental learning.

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.